Draught Beer

Miller Lite 
A light American lager, perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Glass $4.00 Pitcher $12.00

Highland Pilsner
Highland Brewery (Asheville, NC) couldn’t make a bad beer if they tried. Ask your server which one we’ve got right now & try it.

Glass $5.00 Pitcher $16.00

Yuengling Lager
Another American lager from the oldest operating brewery in the U.S.

Glass $5.00 Pitcher $13.00

Sam Adams Seasonal
Sam Adams has a reputation for brewing distinctive, flavorful beers that are innovative and beer snob-worthy. Ask you server which seasonal is on tap.

Glass $5.00 Pitcher $16.00


Saw Works Seasonal
From just around the corner in Knoxville, this brewery is sure to have something yummy.

Glass $5.00 Pitcher $16.00

Big River Seasonal
Made in nearby Chattanooga, this is a pilsner you won’t soon forget.

Glass $5.00 Pitcher $16.00